If you believe that:

- times are hard and getting worse;
- hard times are great times for money-making;
- access to unique opportunities can be a catapult;
- relevant scrutiny either kills or de-risks a deal;
- experienced clarity beats artificial authority;

...and if you have:

- founded or invested in exotic ventures;
- lost all the money you put in;
- made multiple X on your money;
- hedged risk in unique ways;
- learned some lessons along the way;

...then you might like this:

Spinex is a private parlour of like-minded business people with interest in and access to special opportunities.

Deal characteristics:

- private (i.e. not public);
- exotic (i.e. not your typical venture);
- low risk clever hedging OR high potential returns;
- accessible without crazy difficult bureaucracy;
- short-term horizon or liquidity option;
- no preconceptions, but also no bullshit.

How does it work?

1. Install Threema, a decently secure messaging app for private conversations. There is a one-time fee of a few euros.2. Get your own Threema ID. To maintain your privacy and the proposed discussion framework, remember to NOT announce your name, phone number, email, or other personal details.3. Message user MV9DB9R8, with general info on:
- an exotic deal or venture you've been involved with;
- an exotic opportunity you've recently turned down;
4. Following a short chat to assess rapport, knowledge, and means, you would be invited to the Spinex group chat. The projects discussed in the private chat shall also be made available to the group for a quick overview.

Why this format?

The assumption is that a private chat group with pre-vetted anonymous members is ideal for:
- confident sharing of unique deals;
- direct learnings from veteran entrepreneurs;
- candid discussions among compatible peers.
0% prejudice, 100% straight talk!